A tooth has three layers enamel, dentin and pulp. When cavity is deep and has reached the

pulp, RCT is required to be done.

The procedure is entirely painless and includes removal of entire infection from within the

tooth; all the root canals are cleaned and medicament is placed. The tooth is then sealed to

prevent infection after RCT procedure.

After RCT is performed, the tooth turns brittle and weak. This is why, post the RCT

procedure, placing a crown is extremely important for protecting the tooth.

Placing a crown strengthens the tooth, making it more capable to withstand forces as the

normal tooth.

Now-a- days even badly broken teeth are saved by RCT and rebuilding with metal or white

fiber posts &  core.

Single sitting RCT procedures can also be performed in selected cases, saving precious time

for the patient.


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