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Let us help you decide why Invisalign is your clear alternative to braces.


Invisalign Overview


  • Invisalign aligners are a less-noticeable alternative to metal braces for correcting crooked or crowded teeth, overbites, and gaps between teeth.
  • The Invisalign treatment involves wearing a series of clear plastic orthodontic trays called aligners which are custom fitted to your dental needs. There are no metal wires or brackets. The aligners can be removed for short periods, making it easier to eat and brush than when wearing traditional braces.
  • Results can be influenced by compliance in wearing the aligners, the doctor’s experience, and the degree of movement your teeth require.
  • The cost of Invisalign aligners is based on a number of factors, but the average price in USA is approximately $4,500.

The Alternative to Braces that Works

A pain-free, embarrassment-free way to correct tooth alignment issues.

For years, there was only one effective way to correct alignment issues – stuff the mouth full of bands and wires that caused a lot of pain and made people low on self-confidence. It was worth it for straighter teeth, but it meant that the treatment was far less than pleasant.

Then along came Invisalign, the alternative to braces that works. Patients now have choices for correcting alignment issues, and that is always a good thing. If you have been dreading the thought of having a mouth full of metal, consider the benefits of Invisalign compared to braces:

  • Invisalign straighteners are nearly invisible, meaning that patients can wear them in any setting and not feel self-conscious. That is a big stress reliever, especially for adolescents.
  • Braces require a mouth full of metal bands and wires. It’s awfully hard to notice something like that, causing patients a lot embarrassment and leading many to hide their smile.
  • Invisalign straighteners are made from smooth plastic that is moulded specifically for the patient’s mouth. There is no risk of poking and gouging and the slow alignment modification is almost imperceptible.
  • Braces are made of metal that is notorious for irritating, poking, and even cutting up the cheeks and gums. Plus, the nature of the treatment makes it hard for patients not to feel like their teeth are being pulled or stretched.
  • Invisalign straighteners can be removed from the mouth at anytime. When it is time to brush and floss patients simply take the straightener off and clean their teeth as they normally would.
  • Braces are attached to the teeth permanently and have to be worked around when brushing and flossing. This can double or triple the time the process takes, and if the braces are damaged the fix can be expensive.
  • Invisalign straighteners come out during meal times. Patients are free to easy whatever they want without fear of damaging the straightener or getting food stuck.
  • Braces come with a lot of meal restrictions for patients. These include both junk foods like candy and chips, as well as healthy foods like crunchy carrots and nuts.


Pursue your alternative to braces with Quintessence Family Dentistry & Wellness

Be advised that Invisalign is not approved to treat every kind of alignment issue. Some patients will simply be stuck with traditional braces. But for those that have a choice, Invisalign deserves your consideration. Since we are an Invisalign Certified Preferred Provider, we have worked with a lot of patients who’ve pursued this treatment. The vast majority have loved it and now have a smile they are proud to show off. If you think Invisalign is right for you, schedule a consultation at Quintessence Family Dentistry & Wellness branch location nearest to you.

If you are considering braces vs Invisalign to straighten your teeth, or your kid’s teeth, you may have lots of questions. Which is more effective? Which is more affordable? What is the Invisalign cost in India? What is the Invisalign cost in Bangalore? Ultimately, you want to choose the treatment that will do the job, even if it’s slightly more expensive. In the long run, you don’t want to have to fix your teeth again! So are braces or Invisalign the better choice for you or your kid?

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invisalign certified

Braces vs Invisalign: Getting straight to the basics


Both braces and Invisalign were designed to straighten teeth while improving your smile and oral health. Customers first began using Invisalign in 2000, so this treatment does not yet have the same history as braces.

Braces consist of metal/ceramic brackets being glued to your teeth, and tied together by wires and tiny rubber bands. Nowadays, you can get brackets to more closely match your enamel colour (making them more discrete), or you can get them in striking, contrasting colours to make a fashion statement with your mouth!

Invisalign, on the other hand, is designed to be invisible. Aligner trays made of smooth, comfortable, BPA-free clear plastic are worn over your teeth to subtly and gently move your teeth. Your specialist will use X-rays, pictures, and impressions to create a precise 3-D image of your teeth and to configure your aligner trays accordingly.


In Braces vs Invisalign, which will work best for you?

While both braces and Invisalign can help straighten teeth, they each have pros and cons. Take a look at the detailed braces vs Invisalign comparison chart below.

  Braces (irremovable)         vs         Invisalign (removable)  
Metal-typically silver; can pay extra for ceramic or colour or enamel colour Colour Clear/invisible
24/7 for an average of 1 year, depending on patient needs Treatment time 22-24 hrs/day for 6 to 18 months, depending on patient needs
$1,800-$5,500INR. 25000/- onwards Cost Average of $5,000INR.150000/- onwards
Brush brackets and wires regularly while brushing teeth; water pick may be helpful. Maintenance Invisalign Cleaning system, or brushing and rinsing trays in luke warm water
About every month Follow up visits Change aligner trays every 2 weeks; visits every 4 to 6 weeks
Positioner or retainer likely needed on going, maybe only at night Follow up to treatment Positioner or retainer likely needed on going, maybe only at night
  • More effective for more complex issues
  • No temptation to leave them out, so less self-discipline is needed for success
  • No extra cleaning steps required besides regular brushing and flossing
  • Invisible
  • Removable
  • No issues with food getting caught
  • No difficulty eating
  • No discomfort from wires
  • May have some pain, sores or discomfort from wires, brackets or tooth movement
  • May have some tooth discoloration or breakage
  • May have difficulty eating sticky, hard foods
  • May have discomfort from tooth movement
  • Must remove before eating or drinking anything but water
  • Must brush after each meal to avoid staining
Patients playing rough contact sports regularly NOT ideal for Patients with:

  • bridgework
  • back tooth bite issues
  • the need to rotate canines or premolars
  • the need to move teeth vertically
  • lack of discipline to keep trays in for at least 22 hours daily



Clearly, in comparing braces vs Invisalign, it’s a tight race. If you’re an adult, or have a teen, who tends to be self-conscious, Invisalign may appeal to you. And the fact that it’s removable so you can eat, drink, brush and floss more naturally, may sound desirable. But if the idea of having to remove your trays for meals or while drinking anything but water seems inconvenient, Invisalign may not be the best solution for you. Plus remember, you should brush after each meal before putting your trays back in, to avoid staining.

Exact success rates for braces vs Invisalign are difficult to find, especially since Invisalign has not been around long enough to gather long-term data. Plus, Invisalign’s success depends almost entirely on the beholder. If you don’t wear them, they won’t work. With braces, you don’t have any choice in the matter!

Lastly, if you need to address issues with your back teeth, need to rotate teeth or move teeth vertically, Invisalign may not even be an option. That’s why it’s critical to enlist a provider like Quintessence Family Dentistry & Wellness, experienced with both braces and Invisalign. Then your orthodontist can recommend the most effective solution to perfect your smile and teeth.

Straightening your teeth to improve your smile and overall oral health should not be taken lightly. If you need help deciding whether braces or Invisalign makes more sense for you or your child, consult an experienced specialist like Quintessence Family Dentistry & Wellness, today!


Invisalign Before-and-After Results: Is Invisalign worth it?

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Information to find the best options for your smile:

You know that you ready to make a big change to correct your alignment issues and restore the happy, healthy look of your smile for good. The question then becomes – What is the best treatment option out there? Ultimately that is up to you and your orthodontist, but you have more options than you realize, and Invisalign is one of them.

What to expect from your Invisalign before-and-after results

As you determine if Invisalign is worth it, consider some of the before-and-after results:


  • Consultation: Not every person with alignment issues is a candidate for Invisalign, but many are, even people with severe issues. A simple consultation with your Invisalign certified orthodontist- Dr. Krithika M Jayaram will tell you a lot about what you can expect from the Invisalign results.
  • Cost: In many cases the cost of Invisalign is comparable to traditional braces. And when you factor in some of the other benefits of Invisalign, this treatment options can actually prove to be the much better value.
  • Procedure: Getting started with the Invisalign treatment is relatively quick and basically pain-free. A scan of your mouth is taken, and then the straighteners are custom made using precision equipment. Compare that to the experience of having brackets and wires in installed on each of your teeth.



  • Confidence: The biggest reason so many people choose Invisalign is that the straighteners are clear and nearly invisible. That means you can fix your smile without feeling embarrassed about wearing traditional braces. Teens and adults alike love the feeling of confidence that Invisalign makes possible.
  • Comfort: The Invisalign straighteners are made out of soft plastic so that they don’t irritate the cheeks, tongue, or gums. That makes getting through months of treatment a lot easier to bear.
  • Convenience: Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign straighteners can be taken out at will – during meals, while playing sports, when you’re brushing and flossing. Traditional braces force you to make big changes to your lifestyle. Invisalign works seamlessly becoming a part of your lifestyle.
  • Looks: Once your treatment is done and your alignment issues are corrected, you will have a smile that you’re eager to show off. If you have spent years feeling self-conscious about your teeth and covering your mouth when you grin, you will be amazed at how big the change feels. Plus, the Invisalign results are long lasting, and they don’t create as much risk for you to develop other oral health problems during your treatment.

invisalign right


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Is Invisalign Right for Me?


The Invisalign Questions You Need to Ask

Make the best decision for the health of your smile. Invisalign is a revolutionary alternative to traditional braces. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best option for all patients or all alignment issues. Before you pursue one course of treatment over another, answer these important questions:


What Kind of Issues are you trying to treat?

Invisalign has proven itself to be a very versatile and adaptable method of treatment. But it can’t effectively correct every kind of alignment issue. It is most effective for treating gaped teeth or crowded teeth, over and underbites, and crossbites. In extreme cases, however, Invisalign may not be able to treat these issues either. In that instance, you will need to rely on traditional braces. Consult with your Invisalign certified orthodontist- Dr. Krithika M Jayaram to determine if Invisalign is a viable treatment option for you.

What is Your Current Age?

Invisalign is great for teenagers who can’t help but be vain, and adults who want to correct alignment issues while avoiding the stigma of adult braces. The transparent character of Invisalign makes the straighteners nearly invisible to the naked eye. Younger children, however, may not be able to wear Invisalign because their teeth are still growing. Again, your Invisalign certified orthodontist- Dr. Krithika M Jayaram can tell you if you or your child is a candidate.

How committed are you to treatment?

Invisalign straighteners can be removed from the teeth when you are eating or playing sports. But in order to be effective, they need to be on the teeth for at least 22 hours a day. If you know that you’re the type of person to compulsively remove your straightener or forget to put it back in, you may end up compromising your treatment simply because you have the ability to. Traditional braces may be less convenient, but they also force you to commit to the treatment.

What is Your Budget?

The cost of Invisalign has come down a lot in recent years but tends to still be higher than traditional braces. The exact cost of your treatment will depend on the issues you’re correcting, but in most cases you will pay less overall by going with wires and brackets. Don’t let health care costs put an uncomfortable stress on your budget.

Work with the Alignment Experts at Quintessence Family Dentistry & Wellness

You can do all the research in the world, but you won’t know for sure whether or not Invisalign is right for you until you consult with your Invisalign certified orthodontist- Dr. Krithika M Jayaram. The team at Quintessence Family Dentistry & Wellness is here to help you find the ideal option for you needs, wants, and budget. Make an appointment at our Cunningham Road or Kalyan Nagar branches, nearest to you.


Is Invisalign Worth it? Ask Quintessence Family Dentistry & Wellness

If you’re intrigued and want to learn more, work with the team at Quintessence Family Dentistry & Wellness. We can show you Invisalign before and after photos, go in depth about what kind of Invisalign results to expect, and tell you if you’re a candidate for this sort of treatment. Schedule a no-obligation consultation at our Cunningham Road or Kalyan Nagar branches, closest to you.

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Best Ways to Clean Invisalign Every Time: Tips and Tricks


Keep Invisalign clean for a bright, healthy smile. There is a lot to love about Invisalign. It’s nearly invisible. It’s comfortable to wear. It’s effective for treating lots of alignment issues. And it’s affordable for all patients. But one of the very best things about Invisalign is that you can take it out when you eat, brush and floss, or play sports or instruments. You can also take it out to clean it, ensuring better breath and optimal oral health.

What Are the Best Ways to Clean Invisalign?

Outlined below are some of the best ways to keep a clean Invisalign:

Clean Regularly and Often

If you don’t clean your straightener it can cause plaque and bacteria to build up. Over time, that puts both your straightener and your teeth and gums and risk. For that reason, you should clean your Invisalign every day. Make it a part of your normal oral care routine and it will quickly become second nature.

Pick Your Product

There are a number of different products you can use to clean your Invisalign. There is one made by the creators of Invisalign that is obviously highly effective, but it’s not necessary to use a specialized product. In most cases the toothpaste that you are already using will effectively prevent the build-up of plaque and harmful bacteria. Just be sure not to soak your straightener in mouthwash. This passive method is tempting, but it could potentially damage the straightener.

Brush, Rinse, and Dry

The best ways to clean your Invisalign are the same ways you clean your teeth. Place a small amount of toothpaste on a toothbrush and gently brush all sides of the straightener. Some people prefer to use a baby toothbrush for this to avoid causing damage, but it’s not necessary as long as you’re not extremely forceful. Then rinse the straightener thoroughly under lukewarm (not hot) water, and place it on a dry towel to air dry. Since you wouldn’t want to put a clean straighter on dirty teeth, use the drying time to brush and floss. Then simply put the straightener back in and go on with your day.

Get the Most from Invisalign with Quintessence Family Dentistry & Wellness

Once you get into the habit of brushing your straightener it becomes routine. If you have questions about caring for your straightener or anything else about Invisalign, the team at Quintessence Family Dentistry & Wellness is the first one to consult. Reach out to us to get all the information you need at one of our Cunningham Road & Kalyan Nagar branch locations.



Could my smile benefit from Invisalign Express?


Questions to Ask about Invisalign Express

Restore your smile in a fraction of the time. Invisalign showed doctors and patients alike that correcting alignment issues did not have to involve painful and unsightly brackets and wires. Now Invisalign Express is proving that correcting many of those same issues doesn’t have to take years. Could you be a candidate for this revolutionary treatment option? Ask yourself these questions to find out:

Are You Looking for Quick Results?

Traditionally, the Invisalign treatment involves a series of 20-30 straighteners. Each is slightly different to slowly correct your alignment issues. Invisalign Express, by comparison, makes use of ten or less straighteners. In practice, the treatment can take as little as six months to complete.

Do You Have Minor Alignment Issues?

Since Invisalign Express utilizes fewer straighteners over a shorter period of time, it’s only a treatment option for patients with minor alignment issues. Patients with more significant issues will either need to consider regular Invisalign or some other form of treatment. A consultation with your Certified and qualified orthodontist-Dr. Krithika M Jayaram can confirm whether or not you’re eligible for Invisalign Express.

Are You Preparing for Another Procedure?

Invisalign Express is often used to help straighten the teeth before certain restorative or cosmetic procedures like having dental veneers installed. Being proactive in the early stages helps to improve the quality and longevity of the final procedure. If you want your smile to look better for longer, ask your Invisalign certified orthodontist- Dr. Krithika M Jayaram if Invisalign Express could be part of your treatment plan.

Would You Like to Spend Less on Treatment?

As you would expect, Invisalign Express costs quite a bit less than the traditional form of Invisalign. If you thought this option was off the table because of your budget or insurance, the faster form of treatment might still be a possibility. Just remember that only some patients are eligible, and it’s not a substitute for other forms of alignment correction.

Do You Want to Avoid Traditional Braces?

There are many people, adults, and teens alike, who dread the thought of wearing traditional braces. Invisalign Express utilizes the same soft, clear plastic straighteners of traditional Invisalign. That means they don’t change your appearance, don’t force you to change your lifestyle, and don’t hurt the inside of your mouth. It’s a simple way to avoid everything that makes you anxious about traditional braces.

Explore Invisalign Express at Quintessence Family Dentistry & Wellness

Invisalign Express is a great example of why you don’t have to live with crooked teeth and a lopsided smile. Find out if you’re a candidate for this fast, easy, comfortable, nearly invisible form of treatment. Schedule a consultation at the Quintessence Family Dentistry & Wellness branch location closest to you.


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Invisalign Adult: Understanding the benefits



Great Reasons to Consider Invisalign Adult

Correct your alignment issues in a better way. If you’re an adult who has misaligned teeth, you’re probably worried about the stigma attached to adults with braces. As a result, you may have put off treatment and only made the situation worse. The exciting news is that there is an alternative to traditional braces that works just as well without causing nearly the embarrassment.

It’s called Invisalign Adult, and it’s changing the way people think about lifelong alignment treatments. Here are some of the most exciting benefits:


They look like your natural teeth

Invisalign Adult is made from a clear plastic material that is almost invisible to the naked eye. That means you can wear the straighter anywhere at any time – work, on a date, running errands – and not feel like people are staring at your teeth and comparing you to a teenager.

You can eat what you want

When you have traditional braces, your diet become a lot more limited. And it often means giving up the things you most like to eat. Invisalign Adult can be easily removed during mealtimes so that you don’t have to turn eating into a chore. Your diet stays the same, and you don’t have to worry about damaging the straighter.

Your teeth stay clean and healthy

In the same way, that eating becomes a chore with traditional braces, oral care gets a lot harder too. You have to carefully brush and floss around the brackets and wires, and it’s not uncommon for damage to occur. Plus, the metal materials can irritate the teeth and gums. Invisalign Adult is comfortable to wear, safe on sensitive tissue, and slides right out when you’re ready to brush and floss.

The cost is the same or less

Believe it or not, the cost of Invisalign Adult is comparable to traditional braces. And since it’s a lot less likely that you will damage the straighter, you don’t have to worry about unexpected charges appearing. Wearing Invisalign Adult typically also involves less time visiting the dentist, and for many people time is more valuable than money. 

Quintessence Family Dentistry & Wellness loves Invisalign Adult

There is no reason that you should have to hide your smile, feel embarrassed about your teeth, or worry about what people will think of a grown person wearing braces.

At Quintessence Family Dentistry & Wellness, our Invisalign certified Orthodontist- Dr. Krithika M Jayaram and her team of dental health professionals have seen over and over how effective Invisalign Adult is and what a welcome alternative it is for our patients. If you’d like to learn more, make a no-obligation appointment at one of our convenient branch locations.


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10 Reasons to Choose Invisalign Teen

The Ultimate Teeth Straightening Solution for Teens

Your teen is at an age where fitting in is so important, and Invisalign Teen helps minimize the impact of “Getting Braces.” Invisalign Teen is quickly becoming the solution of choice for teens that need to correct alignment issues and want to avoid traditional braces. Here’s why:


Invisalign Teen aligners are moulded out of a clear plastic material, making it nearly impossible for other people to see them on the teeth. That virtually eliminates the embarrassment of wearing braces.


Small indicators built into the aligners reveal if they are being worn properly and as frequently as necessary. That helps improve patient cooperation and produce a better result faster.


Align Technologies, the makers of Invisalign Teen, offer up to six free replacement trays. That means it’s not the end of the world if one (or three) of them gets lost.


Invisalign Teen can be used to correct a wide range of alignment issues, from mild to severe, and is equally effective in all situations.


Compared to wearing traditional braces, Invisalign teen requires far fewer visits to the dentist. That’s because emergency visits are almost never necessary. Both parents and teens will appreciate spending less time in the waiting room.


Foods like candy, nuts, and chips can cause problems with traditional braces and must largely be avoided. Since Invisalign Teen aligners can be removed at any time, it’s not a problem to keep eating your favourite snacks.


It’s easy to maintain great oral health with Invisalign Teen since the aligner can simply be slipped off the teeth when it’s time to brush and floss.


The cost of Invisalign Teen is equivalent to traditional braces. And thanks to flexible payment plans, correcting alignment issues doesn’t have to put stress on the family budget.


Since the aligners are made of plastic and don’t use any brackets or wires, there is no risk of the inside of the mouth becoming cut or irritated.


Traditional braces can make it difficult to play sports or certain musical instruments. That’s never a problem when you can simply take the Invisalign Teen aligner out.


Quintessence Family Dentistry & Wellness is Your Source for Invisalign Teen

At Quintessence Family Dentistry & Wellness, we believe strongly in the benefits of Invisalign Teen over traditional braces. Many of our patients came to us worried about getting braces but left with a huge feeling of relief when they learned about this easy, invisible, pain-free alternative. Find out if Invisalign Teen is right for you by scheduling an appointment at one of our orthodontic office branches located at convenient locations around Bangalore- Cunningham Road & Kalyan Nagar.


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Invisalign Lite



Invisalign Lite

Invisalign Lite operates in the same way as the traditional Invisalign system. The treatment is designed for less complex cases resulting in a shorter treatment period while still providing the aesthetic and efficient benefits of the Invisalign system.

Who is it for?

Invisalign Lite is ideal for patients who require minor orthodontic work such as crooked teeth, overcrowding, small gaps, positioning and alignment. It may also be suitable for those who have had previous orthodontic work and found that their teeth have moved slightly over time.

How it works

Invisalign aligners straighten your teeth by applying pressure on specific teeth at different times. Individually manufactured for your teeth, they are worn in two week increments. As you replace each aligner with the next set your teeth will move gradually into their final position. Over the course you will generally change aligners 10 – 14 times, with treatment time taking on average up to 6 months.


  • 10 – 14 stages of aligners
  • Shorter treatment time than the Invisalign system
  • Uses the same clear, removable aligners as all Invisalign treatment options


Invisalign i7


A better smile is closer than you think

Introducing Invisalign i7, a new addition to the Invisalign treatment family, offering a simple and discreet solution for minor tooth movement. Results can be seen after just three months utilising the same invisible brace system as Invisalign.

Who is it for?

Invisalign i7 was developed for people requiring minor tooth corrections, whether adult or teenager. It is ideal for slight overcrowding or a crooked front tooth.

Patients who have had orthodontic treatment previously may find that their teeth have moved over time. Invisalign i7 can help correct these minor shifts and restore your confidence using a series of near invisible, removable aligners.

How it works

Invisalign aligners straighten your teeth by applying pressure on specific teeth at different times. Individually manufactured for your teeth, they are worn in two week increments. As you replace each aligner with the next set your teeth will move gradually into their final position. Over the course you will generally change aligners seven times, hence the term i7.


  • Seven stages of aligners
  • Results in as little as three months
  • Uses the same clear, removable aligners as all Invisalign treatment options


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Invisalign Providers in Bangalore



How to find Invisalign providers in Bangalore

Important research to do before picking a provider

Invisalign is a great product that has revolutionized the way people think about correcting alignment issues. But the product is only half the equation. You also need to pick the right provider to help design and guide your corrective treatment. In the hands of the right doctor your experience with Invisalign will be a lot easier, and the end result will look a lot better. Here are a few strategies to help you find and compare Invisalign providers in Bangalore and make the best choice for you.

Ask Invisalign



The Invisalign Company itself provides a helpful feature that allows you to simply enter your zip code and find Invisalign providers near you. Better yet, they provide rankings of these provides based on their own standards for treatment and quality. Insist on seeing the Invisalign provider certificate of the orthodontist.

Some unscrupulous outlets will claim to have these credentials fraudulently. Be sure to only trust the Invisalign website as your source of information.

Ask for a recommendation

If you know someone that’s had experience with Invisalign or happen to meet someone using the product, ask them who they recommend. These recommendations are helpful because they tell you about the actual patient experience. Invisalign ranks doctors by the number of treatments, but not necessarily by the quality of those treatments. If someone comes highly recommended you know they will probably treat you like a human being and not just a set of teeth.

Invisalign Providers in Bangalore – Quintessence Family Dentistry & Wellness

Here at Quintessence Family Dentistry & Wellness, we are proud to be a Certified Preferred Provider and one of the India’s biggest advocates for Invisalign. And since we have multiple outlets in Bangalore, it’s easy to find a provider near you.


Finance for Invisalign

Take control of the health of your mouth. At Quintessence Family Dentistry & Wellness, you can benefit from our special dental financing options.

Look no further, to get yourself that beautiful smile you always dreamt of. Quintessence Family Dentistry & Wellness, reviewed as The Best Dental Clinic in Cunningham road & The Best Dental Clinic in Kalyan Nagar, now brings to you an irresistible offer to finance all your dental treatments with EASY EMI PAYMENT OPTIONS, WITH 0% INTEREST RATE.


Pay with easy EMI options AT 0% interest rates towards INVISALIGN FINANCING OPTIONS.



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