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Dental Clinic in Kalyan Nagar : Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness 


Are you feeling apprehensive about going to a dentist? Are you worried that it might be too expensive? Do you not trust anyone enough to manage your teeth? Getting your teeth checked and the subsequent treatment can be a nerve-wracking process. The dental problem should be treated with excellence, or it will recur. If you are a resident of Bangalore, then you do not need to worry. We bring the most suitable dental clinic for you: Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic. 

A crucial no-brainer is the time of your last visit to a dentist. If you do not recall it or you have not visited your dentist in the past year, then your desire to go to a dentist is quite evident. It may be fear or lack of trust that is keeping you from visiting the dentist. It can be anything, and we can not determine the precise reason. But all these matters can be put aside when we consider Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic.

Before we proceed further, do note that an annual visit to the dentist is recommended to maintain your oral hygiene and keep dental problems in check. Never overlook any aspect of your health irrespective of how trivial it may seem to you.

Without further ado, we bring forth to you all the necessary information of the Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic situated in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore.

About Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic


Located in the prime area of Kalyan Nagar, this clinic is a public favourite in terms of its managing and treating skills. It is a comfortable place with enough attention paid to you and your dental queries. There is no need to be shy, as all patients are given their personal care. The satisfaction of the customers is of paramount importance. This makes it hassle-free to approach even in the middle of a busy day. Apart from the personalized care, the treatment is also personalized, giving an overall feeling of ease. The establishment upholds the values of complete dedication to the patient.

Working Environment

The working method of Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic is efficient. They use the best available technology to provide the best care to the patient. Maintaining a thoroughly transparent approach towards customer satisfaction, the clinic informs the patient of all the pros and cons of their choices or treatment. This helps in building trust in patients so that the level of customer satisfaction is maintained. The staff is highly trained and experienced, providing a general anxiety-free experience to the patients. This is necessary as some patients may feed off the negative and anxious energy of other patients. A positive environment promotes positive health.

Devotion towards Patient’s Health

Just like any healthcare facility, this family clinic is devoted to improvement in the health of the community. Unlike some healthcare facilities, it delivers the part too. The success of any healthcare facility is dependent on how well they can treat the patient. The same applies here. This family clinic is known for its excellent treatment facilities. The easy-on-the-wallet prices help to strengthen the patient’s confidence in the clinic. The clinic keeps the patients stress free by providing all the services and their equipment under one roof. There is no need to rush about from one place to another for any tests or services. This keeps the patient’s burden in check.


The ultimate aim of keeping the patient happy is rejuvenated by providing guarantees of the treatments done at the Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic. They have enough faith in the professionals, and their skills to supplement the treatment with a guarantee. Apart from the assurance of the procedure, there is a guarantee that you will not catch any new pathogens while you are treated here. This is true because the clinic follows a vigorous regimen of sterilization and hygiene maintenance. It obliterates any residual pathogen.

Services provided by Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic

The clinic offers a multitude of services, many of which are the talk of the town. There are services for general dentistry and services for cosmetic procedures also. The general dentistry procedures include teeth cleaning, crown fittings, tooth extraction and root canal procedures. The cosmetic procedures include Invisalign, teeth whitening, surgeries, dental implants and braces. As all the possible dental services are available at Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic, one does not need to look far for a suitable choice. Their aim of providing exceptional services at low prices is achieved. Let’s not overlook the latest technology and equipment available here.

The Latest “Invisalign” Technology

All school-going children are now obsessed with a perfect dentition that is usually achieved through standard metal braces. You can bid goodbye to these metal braces as the revolutionary Invisalign is introduced by the Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic. Invisalign is an invisible set of aligners that straighten your teeth without using metal or wires. As the name suggests, Invisalign is invisible and are not associated with pain in any way. The aligners are customized according to your teeth and their desired alignment. It is a comfortable and convenient way to achieve your perfect smile. There are various sets of aligners, each to be worn for two weeks without fail. The material used in making these aligners is medical grade plastic, so there is no reason for worry. Your eating habits are not to be changed even one bit, and there is no need for maintaining excessive oral hygiene. Your entire treatment is handled by the expert Dr Krithika Jayaram (MDS) who will guide you through the whole process and the outcome.

Trustworthy and Experienced Staff

Apart from Dr Krithika Jayaram (MDS) who specializes in Invisalign and teeth alignment, the staff also has the talented Dr Gaurav Ghosh (MDS) who holds command in root canal treatments, bridges, crowns, LASER dentistry and maxillofacial surgeries. The administrative staff deserves equal respect with regards to their managerial skills and organizational skills. The support staff is also efficient and works hard. All the departments work in harmony with one another, leading to a more efficient and productive workforce.

Working Hours of Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic

The Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic is operational from Monday to Saturday, which is the entire working week. The family clinic is closed on Sundays. The timings on all functional days are from 9 AM to 2 PM in the morning shift and from 4 PM to 8 PM in the evening shift.

Contact Information

If you want to contact Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic for appointments or queries, you can ring up (080) 65655600 or (+91) 8050095600 for the Kalyan Nagar branch. It has another clinic in Vasanth Nagar. To contact this branch, you can ring up (080) 40991979 or (+91) 9886878921. You can also correspond with them via e-mail on If it is not possible for you to get in touch with them through phone or e-mail, you can drop your question in the comments section on their official website. Their official site also offers the chance to send them an e-mail directly. 


Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic is one of the best dental care facilities you can find in the city of Bangalore. With such a fast-paced life, we expect the same pace of health care. The clinic provides this exact pace in health care in terms of its staff, services offered, equipment and technology used apart from the revolutionary treatment methods being brought to the public. The cherry on top is that none of these procedures cost heavy on the pockets as the prices in this clinic are economical. These are all the points in favour of Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic. 


Finding the perfect dental care for you and your family is a daunting process. Keeping in mind the rising healthcare costs, you may have to limit your options. If you need the most exceptional dental care in a budget, then Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic is the answer. The experienced and talented staff will help you achieve the optimal state of dental health without too much of a hassle. All the solutions to your dental problems are available in one place, under one roof. There is no room for complaints as the staff takes care of you to its maximum capabilities. We hope your pearly whites shine bright like diamonds!

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