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Dental Clinic in HRBR Layout : Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness 


Is the dentist making you nervous? Do you not trust the dentist enough? Are the prices of the dentist making you sweat? It could be anything that could be bothering you. But a visit to the dentist is a must of you are facing a dental anomaly. If you do not get it treated now, then the problem will recur in the future, causing you more pain. If you are new to Bangalore and want to visit a dentist, we recommend Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic.

As already stressed upon, visiting a dentist is a must. Better yet, you have to visit the dentist at least once every year. If you do not, it could be problematic. You may be busy to go to a dentist, but it is for the best. Optimal health begins with excellent dental care. Some dental problems are a warning for more serious health issues. So, they should not be taken lightly. If you get even a slight hint, then it is for your best that you visit the expert.

Let us discuss the Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic that is well known for its quality dental health care in the area of HRBR Layout, Bangalore. 

About Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic


Present in the prime location of HRBR layout, this family clinic known as Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness is one of the most popular dental clinics. The public recommends it for its optimal healthcare facility. The patients receive devoted time and attention to their dental queries along with personalized treatment options. There is no room for anxiety, as all aspects of the clinic are well managed. The clinic prioritizes patient healthcare and demands. The clinic is busy all day and all through the week. This goes a long way is showing the popularity and trust in patients. The clinic is one of the leaders in customer satisfaction. 

Clinical Environment

The employees of the Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic work efficiently and are highly cooperative. The family clinic is equipped with top-notch technology and equipment, providing a complete range of services to the patients. The patients are treated as equals as all treatments and procedures are explained in detail to them. The transparency displayed in these actions goes a long way in building confidence in the patients. The cooperative staff provides adequate support, and the dentists put the patients at ease. Such a positive atmosphere of the clinic leads to positive growth.

Aiming for Optimal Patient Health

As obvious for any healthcare facility, this family clinic also upholds the values towards patient heath. Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic is a healthcare provider that has treated many patients successfully. This shows their dedication to patient health. The treatment services provided too are of the best nature. The cost-effectiveness of the clinic is too good to pass up. Since all the services and equipment are available in one place, the patients only need to visit this clinic for the solutions to all their problems. No running about to get this test done or that report collected.

Complete Faith

The patients already display a high level of trust in this healthcare facility, but Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic is ready to go one step further. They provide guarantees for all their treatments and services provided. The dentists are experts in their fields and quite experienced too. This is proven by the display of faith by the clinic through the guarantees. Sterilization and hygiene maintenance is the number one priority of any healthcare facility. Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic follows a standard sterilization procedure that leaves no room for any pathogens.

Services provided by Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic

As in any dental healthcare facility, the services provided are divided into two categories. There is one section that focuses on General Dentistry and the other that focuses on Cosmetic Procedures. Cosmetic treatments include dental implants, surgeries, whitening of teeth, metal braces and the newer alternative Invisalign. The general dentistry procedures include crown fittings, tooth extractions, teeth cleaning and root canal procedures. All these services are available at one clinic, coupled with the latest technology and equipment. All of this comes at an affordable price, so there is no need to worry.

The Popular “Invisalign” Technology

No need to be fazed by the pain you experience while getting metal braces as there is an excellent alternative available. The rules and regulations can be forgotten along with the pain. The popular new alternative to metal braces is here. It is called Invisalign. Invisalign is presented by the Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic as an invisible alternative to the standard metal braces and wires. The teeth alignment done is painless and personalized for the teeth of the child. A set of aligners are provided that are to be worn for two weeks. After two weeks, a new set is given. They are very comfortable. The ultimate view of the teeth can be visualized digitally to know the extent of progress possible. Invisalign utilizes medical-grade plastic in its structure. So, there are no restrictions and rules for what you can or can not eat. The hygiene is to be maintained as before. The expert that will handle your case is Dr Krithika Jayaram (MDS) and will guide you through the entire process and treatment. 

Faithful and Talented Staff

The dental staff has two primary dentists. Dr Gaurav Ghosh (MDS) is the perfect dentist for procedures like bridges, tooth extraction, crown placement, maxillofacial surgeries, root canal treatments and LASER dentistry. On the other hand, Dr Krithika Jayaram (MDS) is responsible for dental alignment, metal braces and Invisalign. The administrative and management staff are equally talented in managing the workload and patient inflow. The cooperative nature between all staff members is commendable. 

Operational Hours for Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic

The clinic is open all through the week, from Monday to Saturday. The Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic remains shut on Sundays. They need a day off too after working so hard. The timings on all working days are from 9 AM to 2 PM in the morning shift and from 4 PM to 8 PM in the evening shift.

Contacting the Clinic

If you want to correspond with Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic for appointments or queries, you can ring up (080) 65655600 or (+91) 8050095600 for the Kalyan Nagar branch. It has another branch in Vasanth Nagar. To contact this clinic, you can ring up (080) 40991979 or (+91) 9886878921. You can also contact them via e-mail on If it is not possible for you to get in touch with them through phone or e-mail, you can drop your query in the comments section on their official website. Their official site also provides the chance to send them an e-mail directly. 


The Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic is the best clinic to approach for all your dental woes. It has state of the art technology and equipment handled by experienced professionals. Their services cover all areas of dental health. The prices are ranged in the affordable zone, making it a win-win for all.


If you happen to be searching for a dental clinic that does not burn a hole in your wallet, then Quintessence Family Dentistry and Wellness clinic is your destination. The services are excellent, while the prices are reasonable. This combination makes for a very successful healthcare facility. The staff is talented and experienced, making all patients comfortable in the clinic. All the services required are available here without you needing to head out anywhere else. If you need any extra help, you can approach the staff without hesitation. Visit your dentist annually and keep your teeth in great shape.


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